Charity Hats Made In 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Goonies never say "Die."

I am a child of the 80’s through and through, which means that I have been around long enough to see leg-warmers, oversize sweatshirts, and jelly shoes come back around.  I remember being excited about them at the time but  seriously, those fads should have been put down like a zombie when MTV was still worth watching.


Here’s my tribute to what was good about the 80’s – The Movies, and The Goonies among them.


The “Truffle Shuffle”  Skully –


If you don’t remember (or never knew) what the truffle shuffle is…go here.


Otherwise, grab your hook.   This is our time. 


Props:  This pattern was inspired by this one with a few tweaks to make it easier. (If that’s possible.)


Pattern Notes:


My son has a pretty big head, so this should fit an average guy.   If your guy is above average, adjust the length of your chain accordingly.  This pattern would also work with chunky yarn (Class 5) or double stranded worsted.  Just make more rows! 




One skein of “super chunky”  (Class 6) yarn.  For this hat, I used "Hometown America", purchased at AC Moore for less than $5.   Size N hook.  Yarn needle with an oversized eye or you may be able to use a smaller crochet hook for weaving your ends in.




Row 1 – HDC in 3rd chain from hook, and continue 1 hdc in each chain to the end.  Ch 2, turn.

Row 2 – WORK IN BACK LOOPS ONLY, hdc in each stitch to the end.  Ch 2, turn


For the remainder of the hat, repeat Row 2 until there are enough rows to fit around the recipient’s head with just a little stretching – not too much.   Fasten off, leaving yourself a long tail. - About 18” should do it.


Using your yarn needle and the tail you left yourself: sew the first row and the last row together so you have a tube.   Then, sew the closest end of the tube together by moving in and out of the stitches so the ends gather evenly toward the center like a drawstring bag.  Fasten off.


Weave your ends in.  Turn it right side out.  Voila! 









  1. Great Hat pattern. I love the Goonies and watch it with my Kids!

  2. I love this hat, I think I'm going to make it for my husband for his birthday next week :) Thank you for sharing! Oh, and my 15YO daughter was looking over my shoulder while I was checking out the pattern, and said your son is "cute" when she saw the pics, LOL!

  3. found your pattern this weekend (11/5/11) on ravelry and what fun! thanks so much for sharing it. it was such a quick pattern to make so much so i made 2, so far. thanks again for sharing :)

  4. Love it. Just finished making one for my husband. He loves it. Such an easy and straightforward pattern. Thanks so much!

  5. ggoooonnniiieeessss fun movie....anyone want a baby ruth ?

  6. thank you for the pattern. a nice change from the circle pattern.

  7. Love this pattern. Easy to work up. Even o made it quickly and I crochet like a snail.