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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Doggie Dentures Skinny Scarf

This faux-houndstooth (doggie dentures - get it??) -guitar-strap inspired scarf is a super-quick gift that can be worked up in a couple of hours and is appropriate for anyone on your list because YOU choose the colors and how many rows you do depending on the recipient.

I left it skinny because I was feeling all hipster-like, but you could do a few extra rows if you like.


Really, any yarn will do - just increase or decrease your hook depending on the weight. For these examples, I used 1 ball each of:

Stitch Nation Bamboo Ewe and Red Heart Bamboo Wool for the purple and pink one.

I used Paton's wool for the Neon/Gray.

Hook Size: H (5mm)

Notions: I think everyone needs a friend named Nigel and you might need a yarn needle for weaving in the ends.

Ready to get your scarf on?

With Color A -

CH 301.

Color A

Row 1 - sc in 1st ch. *Sk 1 ch. Sc, ch 1 in the next ch. * Repeat *-* until you sc in the last chain.

Row 2 - Sc in First sc, *sc, ch1 in the last row's ch1 space*, Repeat *-* until sc in last stitch, join Color B at the end of the row.

Row 3-4 - Repeat Row 2 with color B, return to Color A at the end of Row 4.

Now just keep repeating Row 2 until your scarf is wide enough for your tastes.

Fasten off, and weave in your ends. You may choose to tassle or not to tassle and leave it squared off at the end. It's entirely up to you. If you want to really make it look like a guitar strap, I'll be publishing directions for that in the next few days along with photos of some other yarn-weight and color choice examples.

Good luck!


  1. i love the looks of this scarf and want to make one for my step-daughter's gift to a friend, but am having some trouble. I got the chain 301, and the sc in 1st ch, sk next ch, but I'm not sure what you mean by this in row 1:
    "ch 1 in the next ch"
    do i sl st in the next ch then ch 1, then proceed with the pattern? or after the sc, then sk st, sc then ch 1 and proceed with the sk st?

  2. Let me see if I can clarify....

    for every other chain, single crochet and then chain one.

  3. okay...thats what i figured but just wanted to make sure!! thanks so much!!

  4. Thanks for sharing the idea there would be some apprehensions from segment but i am up for it.
    six month smiles

  5. Hi there! I'm going to make this but do 3 in different colors and then braid them-do I just stick to odd numbers if I want it longer?